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Bibs- country-ranch-farm

Handmade bibs for ages 0-1&1/2 yr olds
snap closure, topstitched.

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Bibs-Cows with pink flowers

Handmade bibs for 6 months-2 years This is a larger bib.
snap closure, top stitched
Shepherd's Cross

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100% Wool - Hand Woven Blanket

100% Wool - Hand Woven Blanket

Do you know where your wool comes from?

This blanket is hand woven from own own wool, after we give the sheep their annual haircut. The wool is washed by hand here on the farm.

100% all natural wool from sheep born and raised here on our farm at Shepherd's Cross. The farm is Animal Welfare Approved. No chemicals, pasture born and raised in a lovely pastoral setting. 

This is first time use wool. Made from non-recycled wool. 

This blanket is warm, water repellant, and flame retardant.

Perfect size to be used a shawl as well. 

Wash with mild soap in tepid water. Do not agitate, wring or tumble dry. Lay flat or hang to dry. May be "wool dry cleaned".

Approximately 55" x 36"
Soy Candle Cottage

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Frankincense and Myrrh Soy Candle (round)

"They came from the East..and presented unto him gifts: gold, frankincense, and myrrh." While this scent is traditionally thought about during the holidays, it's a nice scent to burn all year 'round. We like to burn before guests arrive; it provides a soft, pleasant scent. Great for small to mid sized rooms or for people who don't like a strong scent. Candle is made from soybean wax, has a lead-free wick and produces 95% less soot than traditional candles. Wax is dyed between tan and gold in color and poured into a round 8 oz glass with a lid. The wax we use is: 1) made in the USA with DOMESTICALLY grown crops, 2) 100% vegetable, made with Pure Soybean oil, 3) all NATURAL and biodegradable, 4) manufactured meeting FDA standards, 5) Kosher Certified, 6) is NOT tested on animals, 7) FREE of palm wax, 8) FREE of petroleum, paraffin or beeswax products, 9) FREE of pesticides and herbicides, 10) FREE of toxic materials, and 11) FREE of Genetically Modified Material. $11.00/candle

Oklahoma Food Cooperative
PO BOX 681, Oklahoma City, OK 73101