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Mitties Kitchen

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Cowboy Candy

 These are candied *Jalapeños sliced and spiced up with *Garlic, mustard and celery seeds, turmeric, pure cane sugar and apple cider vinegar. My canning group has been raving about these so I made a trial batch and YES they are soooo good. They are good and hot but the sugar and spices balance the heat. Delicious on a burger, with s sandwich it roast , or chopped up with cream cheese for a spread. The brine is also great in a marinade or brushed on grilled foods as a glaze.*Oklahoma Grown $6.00/8 oz jar

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Garlic Dill Refrigerator Pickles

Delicious fresh and crunchy I love these with a sandwich, and this time of year refrigerator pickles are just right. They will last a good month in the fridge and just get better.*Fresh local cucumbers, vinegar, water, *Garlic *Dill, a little salt *Oklahoma Grown $4.00/8 oz

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Pickled Beet Relish

This recipe came from my Moms Sister Mayre, Aunt Mayre was an awesome cook and would make this when we came to visit. My Dad and I just loved this dish and she would send the leftovers home with us! The cabbage and onion still have a little crunch to them and its just delicious. They will last a good month in the fridge and just get better.*Fresh local beets,*onion, cabbage, sugar vinegar, water, spices *Oklahoma Grown

$4.00/8 oz

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