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1 More Bite LLC

9 available.

Jalapeno Cheese Ball

Spicy, creamy, and oh so snackable! 

This pecan crusted cheese ball is a hit at parties and gatherings of any sort.  Great for sharing, but you may not want to!

Ingredients:  Sharp cheddar cheese, cream cheese, pecans, jalapenos, salt, garlic powder

1lb ball
Mrs. Netties

23 available.

        Garlickity Dillicious

Dill, parsley, garlics, leeks, onion, salt, and pepper

This is such a versatile dip. First the dip is delicious with veggies chips or crackers. 
It is so good to make up and stuff poppers with. Its great on toasted bagels with fresh ripe tomatoes and it delicious made into salad dressing. Put 2 Tb. of the dry mix in a 6 serving dish of rice then cook as usual. Wonderful to sprinkle on fish and put a pat of butter and a slice of lemon on top and bake as usual. This is a great spice as well as a great dip.
2 batches per pkg
$6.00/3X4 bag

Oklahoma Food Cooperative
PO BOX 681, Oklahoma City, OK 73101