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37 available.

Murasaki Sweet Potatoes

Certified Organic Japanese Murasaki Sweet Potatoes. New crop!  Outside is a dark maroon color and the inside is yellow/white (in pic they are the dark ones in the middle).  Very Sweet with unique flavor!  Best for baking or steaming as they have a drier flesh. Mixed sizes. They are sold in 5 lb. mesh bags. $9.00/5 lb bag

69 available.

Orange Sweet Potatoes

Certified Organic,Traditional, Orange Sweet Potatoes in 5 lb. mesh bags.  New Crop!  Mixed sizes. Excellent flavor & sweet. You may want to order several bags.  GREAT in syrup-y Candied Yams, Sweet Potato Casserole, baked whole, roasted, sweet potato fries, pie, fritters, souffles, bread, etc..  Very nutritious & low on the glycemic scale compared to spud potatoes. $8.00/5 lb.Bag

20 available.

Orange Sweet Potatoes 40 lb box

New Crop, 40 lb box of Certified Organic, traditional, Orange variety Sweet Potatoes. Great for storing or sharing with others. (Same Sweet Potatoes as in 5 lb bags). This is bulk price at $1.25 per lb. and comes in a nice cardboard box. Great buy! $50.00/40 lb box

42 available.

White Sweet Potatoes

New Crop, CERTIFIED ORGANIC White Sweet Potatoes.  These Sweet Potatoes aren't quite as sweet as our other varieties. They are great used in place of regular spud-type potatoes in just about any dish, and their color is very similar, also, but they are lower on the glycemic scale. They have a nice, crisp textue when fried. Packed in 5 lb red mesh bags.   $9.00/5 lb bag

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