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An Oklahoma Food Cooperative Pick Up site is a place where members can get their orders on Delivery Day, the third Thursday of every month.

Each pick up site needs:

  • A route driver (to transport orders to the site).
  • A site manager.
  • A location to host the site (i.e. church, community center, etc).

Additional items to keep in mind:

  • Additional volunteers are always helpful (especially as your site grows!)
  • Empty ice chests need to be returned to our Op Center in OKC after Delivery Day.
  • Have a  plan to take care of left-behind items and forgotten orders.

Of course, Oklahoma Food Cooperative Pick Up sites come in all shapes and sizes!  Some sites may only have a small handful of ordering members, and some sites have in excess of 50 members that order every month.  At a small site (10 or fewer orders), the cashier and manager and delivery driver may be the same person.  The larger the site, the more people are needed.  A site with 50 or more orders may need 3-4 people to help with the operation.

It is very important that the cashier send in the checks and sales report promptly (the day after delivery day).

If you want to start a pick up site outside of the metropolitan areas of Oklahoma City, Norman, and Tulsa, we'll look at which site would be closest to your site. Your site's groceries would go there and then your driver would pick them up there and take them to your site.

We are willing to start pick up sites and subsidize their operation for a few months while they get off the ground, but we expect those involved with the pick up site to do what they can to help people participate. Long term operation of a pick up site depends on the ability of the site to generate enough revenue for the Coop to pay the expenses involved with the pick up site.

If you are interested in starting a pick up site in your area, contact our Operations Manager Adam Price at He can help with research to determine the viability of a site in your area.  He will access our database and determine how many members we already have in an area.  You can work with our outreach committee to plan a publicity campaign.  


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