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When you can shop.

We open at 8 AM on the first day of each month. We remain open for online ordering 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, until the 2nd Thursday of the following month at midnight.  We then close for a week so the producers can harvest and prepare their orders. After delivery day, we remain closed until the end of the month so producers can get ready for the next order cycle.  So we are always closed between the second Thursday and the end of the month. 

To order, you must first log in. Go to and log in at the upper right-hand corner of the page.

When you log in, if you haven't started an order, it will ask you to choose a delivery method and site (home or work delivery, or pick up site).  There is a little box to "Click to accept these terms". Be sure to click that or you want be able to open an order.

Click the button to start your order.

If it is the first day of the order cycle and you try to open an order but you can't, remember that the order does not open until 8 AM sharp. 

How to shop.

  • You can browse the product lists by PRODUCER -- where you see all the products offered by a specific producer.
  • You can browse the product lists by CATEGORY -- where you see all the products of a given category.
  • You can browse the product lists by EXPANDABLE CATEGORY LIST -- this creates a "tree' at the left side of the page with all the categories.
  • You can SEARCH for products. You can search for words in the title or in the product description. For example, if you wanted to find all the ground beef products, you could search for Ground Beef in the product titles.
  • You can search for products by their CERTIFICATION.  You can find all the Certified Organic, Certified Naturally Grown, No GMO Ingredients, or Animal Welfare Approved products.
  • To remove a product from your shopping cart, change its Quantity to ZERO and press the UPDATE button.
  • You can edit your order up until the time that we close at midnight on the 2nd Thursday of each month. To edit your order (add or subtract items, change quantities, add notes), log in . You can add items, remove them, and/or change your quantities. 
  • Anything in your shopping cart at the time the order closes is considered an order for that product.  We do not have a "check out" or "send order" page. 

Getting your groceries.

On the third Thursday, the producers come to town and bring everything our customers have ordered. Our volunteers sort everything into individual customer orders and our pickup sites open in the late afternoon. 

We remain closed to the end of the month, to give our producers time to review their online info and set their inventories for the next cycle. We open on the first day of every month at 8 AM.

Random Weight Items

Some products (mostly meat) do not come at a standard weight.  Each of these products shows a range of weights (like "2 to 3 lbs), so you know the smallest possibility is 2 pounds and the largest is 3 pounds. When you order one of these products, our system shows the range of prices.  If the price is $6/pound, then it will show you $12 to $18 for the price.  It will use the highest possible price to estimate your subtotal.

After the order closes, the producer will look at the orders, and decide which roast you get.  Suppose your roast actually weighs 2 pounds, 4 ounces.  The producer will then enter the actual weight of the roast into your invoice, and the price will be recalculated to show the correct price of $13.50 (2-1/4 lbs @ $6/lb). 

So before the order closes, if you have ordered random weight items, your product subtotal is an estimate, not the price you will actually pay.  Your invoice will not be higher than that price. It will almost certainly be lower.

Why do we estimate the high price? We don't want anyone to be unpleasantly surprised on delivery day by finding that the price is more than they thought it would be. We are all about full disclosure and transparent.

Your invoice will have the estimated prices on it until 5 PM on the Tuesday before Delivery Day, when the invoices are finalized for that month's order.

IMPORTANT: Any questions about products should be directed to the producers themselves. We at the  Oklahoma Food Cooperative are not likely to have the answer to a question about a product. Please contact any of our producers directly with any questions about their products.

Shipping and Handling

All orders include a coop shipping/handling/transportation charge of 11.25% plus a $2.25 invoice charge.  The Coop does not buy wholesale and then sell retail. The producers set their own prices.  They pay a commission to the Coop for selling through the Coop, and the customers pay a commission to the Coop for buying through the Coop. That's how we get the money we need to pay the Coop's expenses.

Home Delivery

For an additional $20.00 fee, you can have your order delivered directly to your home in Oklahoma City (within the city limits only), Edmond, Moore, Norman,and Tulsa.. The disabled may receive home delivery in these areas at a discount ($10 instead of $20).

Sales Tax

Sales taxes are charged based on the rate of the jurisdiction where you pick up your groceries.  



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