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The basics of ordering are explained on the How to Order page.  This page is an introduction to online grocery shopping.

Most of us don't order groceries over the internet, so this will be a new experience.

When folks first wander in, they are amazed -- and sometimes confused -- by the variety of products we sell. They aren't sure where to start! That's OK, we have suggestions!

Plan some meals.

  • It's always easier to shop if you have some ideas about what you will eat and when. 
  • Make a shopping list from your meal plan.

What do you like to eat?  

  • If you eat meat, start with our hamburger offerings!  We have more than a dozen producers who sell ground beef, so you could start by buying one pound of ground meat from five or six different producers. Next month, buy a pound from the others. 
  • If you don't eat meat, check out our vegetables, or grains for some good eating to take home on delivery day. We sell gluten "meat" (not-really-meat-made-with-wheat-gluten, a/k/a seitan, nuts, peanut butter and many other vegetarian and vegan friendly foods.
  • Do you buy lunch a lot? Consider some of our prepared foods, like burritos and wraps. The price is competitive with fast food and business lunches and the quality and taste make them a much more better deal.  No tip is required!

What about some body care products?

  • Everyone needs soap! We have fine artisan soap makers.  Try one or two or three in a variety of scents and types.
  • Lip balm? Hand creme? Our Bath and Beauty section is packed with interesting and useful items.


  • Granola or cereal? Rolled oats? Sausage? Bacon? Ham? Flour for pancakes? Breakfast burritos? We got 'em and then some.
  • Eggs? During hot weather, chickens go on strike, so we don't have as many eggs as we usually do at the moment. Never fear, the weather will change and they will get busy!
  • Cheese, yogurt, Greek yogurt, from pastured cattle.  

When the holidays arrive. . . 

  • We have great gifts for any occasion. Jams and jellies, breads, pies, cakes, nuts, non-food items -- there's plenty to choose from.

Oklahoma food is an adventure!
With more than 4,000 products to choose from each month, you can explore new tastes for months to come. As you try this and that, you will develop some favorites and preferred products. Think of each producer as a "brand" and you will develop some "brand loyalty".  Don't hesitate to reach out to producers and ask questions!  Pick up the phone and call them! They will be happy to hear from you and answer your questions.


Oklahoma Food Cooperative
PO BOX 681, Oklahoma City, OK 73101