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This page is for members who haven't ordered in a while.  

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Someone told me -- "I'd like to order, but I haven't paid my membership this year."

The good news here is -- your membership is still good. You don't have to pay an annual fee to remain a member in good standing. Membership shares don't expire like a membership in a big box shopping store.  Your Coop membership is good to go for as long as we and you are around.  And the even more better good news is that ten years into our local food journey, we are still offering all our members the best locally grown food and non-food items available anywhere in this state.

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Navigating our New Order System

Review the How to Order page and learn about our new online shopping system -- Oklahoma's Really Awesome Software -- OKRA!

Welcome back to the Oklahoma Food Cooperative!  Enjoy your time here and leave with some good Oklahoma food in your shopping basket.

Y'all bon appetit, you hear!

Bob Waldrop, President



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